Sunday, June 29, 2014

Visit to Minoru Bonsai

Minoru Bonsai is a nursery which is run by Micheal Tran near Heidelberg, Germany. He has a great collection of coming stars, all in chains. Too sad - this is a result of the recent thefts in Germany. And then lots of outstanding trees for sale and a great bonsai pot offer.


Thomas Urban said...

Hello Walter,

A bit sad that such measures have to be taken to avoid trees being stolen. I am curious how did Micheal Tran start such a business and how old is he? I would like to think of someway to start small like this.

Kind Regards,


Walter Pall said...

Thomas, I don't really kowo the answers to your questions. The best thing is to ask Michael directly. Google 'Minoru Bonsai`.

Anita Sabharwal said...

Hello Walter,
Michael really has a great collection. Now we have to chain the trees too!
Its really very sad and bad.