Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Intern. Bonsai Academy in Kastela, Croatia 2013 #8

Past weekend the International Bonsai Academy 2013 took place in Kastela near Split , Croatia. There we have Mediterranean climate. This means no frost in winter, palm trees on the beach. The climate is similar to southern California and northern Florida. Therefore everything can be done on the trees right now, like repotting, cutting, styling, collecting etc.. End of November is a very good time to repot there. Warning: most things can NOT be done now in colder climate.
Marija and Andrija have this mazing collection there and do everything together. During the seminar without much ado we take one tree after the other from more than 100 specimen bonsai and do whatever can be done at that moment. We do a lot of subtle artistic corrections. First thorough tree discussion among there people who have strong opinions. Then a consensus. Then hands on doing what has to be done.

#8: oriental hornbea, Capinus orientalis, collected twelve months ago. This is very interesting. It is really two tree species growing very closely into each other. It is mainly a carpinus but also an ash (Fraxinus ornis or rotundifolia). We call it 'Sodom and Gomorrha' therefore.


Anonymous said...

What is this style called, then? Grotesque?

Walter Pall said...

This looks like it will look like a normal well balanced broadleaved tree in the future. So it is the naturalistic style. In the beginning lots of bonsai look strange. This is most normal. It is the story of the ugly chicken that became a swan.
To me this tree is world class material.

AM said...

wonderfull for me

This people have top european class material.

kind regards
AM Bonsai