Tuesday, October 16, 2012

visit to Karl Thier in Vienna, Austria

Karl Thier has obviously the largest bonsai nursery in Austria. He sits in the north of Vienna. There one finds a private part with his collection which is stunning. I only made very few pictures because they would not do justice to the quality of trees anyway. Then Karl has a very large sales area where he mostly offers collected broadleaved trees of very good qualitiy and many collected conifers. The prices are very moderate. While he is pretty far away from most folks it is well worth traveling the distance.

See his site: Karl Thier's place

There was a huge Scots pine clump which is very well established and if somehow found ti's way into my car. I will give it a good new home.


Bollesz said...

what said your wife to him? :)

Walter Pall said...


to the tree you mean? Well, she has not seen it yet. :-)

Stephen Krall said...

Hi Walter,

What a beautiful tree. I wish you could bring it to Jim's place so I could see it in person. I am looking forward to watching you develop it over the next few years.