Thursday, April 5, 2012

Woodstock V #7 Nature's Way Nursery

This is a glimpse int Nature's Way Nursery
1451 Pleasant Hill Road Harrisburg, PA 17112
(717) 545-4555

Here I concentrate on collected conifers. There is about 500 of them. Everyone is for sale. Many are for 100 or less and then up to 500; quite a few in the range from 400 to 2,500; and then the hammer trees way above that. I am not aware of a better selection of collected trees in America. In addition there are trees like many nurseries have them, of course. Anyway, a visit just to see the collected stuff should always be worthwhile.

The huge pine in the end is a limber pine. And not to forget the big sycamore tree in Lingelstown, Pa.

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