Monday, September 19, 2011

Potenzialerkennung in Linda #2 the first day - tree inspiration

The day started with selection of material by some participants. Then a long lecture about how to judge potential in raw material. Then all trees (around 50) were analyzed individually in depth. This I call 'tree inspiration' instead of 'tree critique'.
A nice convention evening later on.


tim said...

It looks like everyone enjoyed the weekend , I know its nothing to do with bonsai but which dark beer are you drinking ?

Walter Pall said...


It's typical German wheat beer which comes in a light and a dark version.

tim said...

Ive got the taste for Erdinger Dunkel at less than 2.3 euros , its cheaper than our local beer: mean while back to trees , its nice to see a variety of species not the usuall white pine and chinese junipers