Tuesday, June 21, 2011

International Bonsai Academy in Slovakia 2011 #1

The second 'Habsburg Bonsai Meeting' took place in Slovakia from June 17 to 19, 2011. It is called 'Habsburg Meeting' because members are Slovak, Czech, Hungarian, Austrian and possibly folks form other nations of the old Habsburg Empire. The meeting again took place in this old hunting castle in the middle of nowhere in the Carpat mountains. It is a sort of cheap youth hostel reminiscent of Socialist times with the antique flair of a baroque castle reminiscent of the Habsburg Empire with deer and rabbits running around the lawn. The meeting was mainly organized by Maros and Martin who both did a great job.
Lengthy tree critiques together with my co-artist Lukás Sirotny from Czechia were followed by individual work of the participants. I did a long lecture about 'Naturalistic Bonsai Style'
The general feeling was quite relaxed, working seriously and having fun at the same time. It seems that most folks would come back next year (possibly at another place). I certainly would come back personally and I would hope that Lukás Sirotny would like to do it again.

Maros and martin did a great job in translating everything.

Thanks to Laslo and Maros for the images.

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