Friday, September 24, 2010

Jim Doyle with Armando Dal Col and Heina

This is the incredible bonsai garden of Armando Dal Col and his Wife Haina. These must be 2000 or more bonsai. Armando dos this since 54 or so years. One can see the love and passion that he put into these trees over all these years. This is bonsai in it's best sense to me - deep love of little trees. The garden is in northern Italy, north of Venice.


Giardino Museo Bonsai della Serenità. TARZO (TV) said...

Thank you very much Walter for your visit with Jim Doyle in my Bonsai garden. It's been a lovely day. My wife Haina and me like open my Sei Wa Bonsai En to amatour and Bonsai artist from anywere.
Armando Dal Col & Haina

Anonymous said...

Hi, why some of the bonsai have a vase bellow the vase where they are?

Best regards,
Miguel Costa

Walter Pall said...

Miguel, this is Armando's way of keeping them moist during the summer and protecting them in winter. He always leaves these. It is unique. I have never seen it elsewhere.

Giardino Museo Bonsai della Serenità. TARZO (TV) said...

Hi Walter, I listened you have had a little problem with your heart, how are you now. God bless you.
Armando and Haina

Walter Pall said...

Armando and Haina,

'a little' is not the correct expression.I had three major heart operations with very dangerous complications. But now I am OK and will be able to live just like before or even better. Thanks for asking. I hope to find a way to visit you again.