Monday, March 15, 2010

Mistral 2010 - 1

I spent the weekend march 13 and 14, 2010 in bonsai paradise, at Mistral in Spain.
See Mistral Bonsai

I had seen images, read about it and heard about it. But before I never had a chance to be there. I knew it was BIG and I knew they had loads of trees but I was overwhelmed when I say it myself. This is by far the biggest bonsai place that I have ever seen. It is certainly the biggest in Europe and I think probably in the western world. Brussel's Nursery In the US is quite impressive, but it appears medium size compared to this.
As we all know size is not everything. Well, the quality is overwhelming too. Here you see images which mainly cover a part (!!) of the material section. I could choose from several hundred collected trees for my demos. Nowhere ever would one have such a selection. The trees are all in very good condition. This is bonsai paradise.


Thierry said...

Amazing !!!

Unknown said...

ooooh myyy ooooh myyy!!!