Friday, November 21, 2008

Bonsai in Brazil # 1

Tomio Tomita runs a bonsai center (besides many other things) in Joinville, Brazil, which is somewhere between Sao Pauo and Porto Allegre. Every year he invites bonsai enthusiasts from all over Brazil to an encounter during the Flower Festival of Joinville. I was so lucky to have been invited this time. It was my frist time in Brazil and it was gret. People are so open and freindly. They have theri way of starting to plan about one minute before the event but I am used to this from Italy. I certainly want to come back eventually.
Thank you Timio for your hospitality and thenk you Valdir for helping me and Hanna so much.

Valdir shows many more picutes on his site: Valdir's site

Tomio Tomita (Dr. med btw)
Valdir Hobus, my most effective translator
part of the outer nursery
'typical' Brazilian dogs, or are they?
Araucaria forest near Curitiba over 1200 maters in altitide.

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Nitsuj said...

ahhh ive been there its the highway form joinville to curitiba, so cool to know that one of the greatest bonsai masters was in the city i live in