Saturday, April 12, 2008

Workshop 2 at Nature's Way Nursery

On Sunday, April 6 we had the second workshop at Nature's Way Nursry in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The aim was to lern about very old collected stuff.

The actors were Lora, Christine, Mark and Frank.

the group
Frank with loot
Is this good?
This is cool amterial if it were not for the long lower trunk
Jim Doyle inspecitng
Jim Dyole inspecting RMJ
This long part has to go
working on roots
cutting trunk
cutting trunk of RMJ
Frank in action
Frank in action
WP with huge ponderosa
group carrying huge ponderosa
Frank in action
chicken in workshop
Frank in action
Lora working
Frank working
Mark with work done
RMJ after
Lora with loot
Lora with loot
Lora's work
Lora's work
Frank with RMJ after
RMJ after
Frank with RMJ
RMJ after two sides
RMJ after
Lora with result

1 comment:

Frank said...

The aim was to learn about very old collected stuff.
And that we did. Would like to thank you for passing along your knowledge to us it was quite educational.
Look forward to your return to continue the work on these fabulous trees.
All the best