Thursday, December 20, 2007

Israel #1

From December 14 to 19 I was in Israel. We had for full-day workhops in the greater Tel Aviv area. Folks brought several trees, some more than six. A few were the same that we had stlyed in 2005. Overall I can say the progress compared to 2005 was enormous. The ability to select decent raw material has improved tremendously. The quality of work, precision and speed were impressive. From a deveeloping country in terms of bonsai in 2005 Isreal has made a quantim jump and now is more or less or almost on the level of the general bonsai scene in most European contries and America. What took 20 years there took two in Isreal. Since it is impossible to get material from Asia or Europe they have to work with their own. And they are adapting with imressive speed.

Workshop nr 1
WP in action
bougainvilleas everywhere

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