Monday, October 15, 2007

Bavarian Bonsai Days 2007 - part 4

Austrian black pine
Austrian black pine


Lance Reed said...

Hi Walter,
Tell me what Cam do you use to take your photo's?
Also how far away from the trees are you when you take a photo of them? Any tips???
You take very good photos, thanks Lance.

Walter Pall said...


I use ad Nikon D40 for these shots. No flash!! very important. Try to not use flash and the pictures will look better. I do this without tripode for pictures of this quality. Tripode would be better. I forgot to set the white balance to artificial light. So the colors are not always correct. I stand as far away as possible because otherwise the proportions will not be correct. More important then the camera is the lens!! And even more important the person who stands behind the camera. And don't forget photoshop. It all is more complex than most think.

Lance Reed said...

Thanks Walter for the info, i will certainly try what you suggested, thank you, Lance.