Tuesday, April 15, 2014

in M&A's garden again

By now I feel like coming home on the way to Castela near Split, Croatia to visit Marija and Andrija - here some glimpses into the garden. Marija paints the deadwood of a pistacia black. This is unheard of. Is it allowed at all? Well, as long as the whole world piants deadwood white we resrve the right to paint some of broadleaved trees black. The artistic aim of this painting, whether white or black ist to create sharp contrast between living and dead parts. Both serve the purpose.


Shteeb said...

Hey Walter,

really enjoying seeing the pictures from your trips.

Do you know what sort of paint Marija was using? I take it is not some gloss paint.

Hope your well


Walter Pall said...


it's water color for children. It stays on over a year and fades with a very natural patina.