Thursday, August 7, 2014

Bonsai in Chicago - 5

At the Botanical Garden Chicago there is a remakable bonsai collection since a long time. Recently Chris Baker took over as new curator. I had the pleasure to meet him with Jennifer and Jim Doyle. We analyzed and discussed most trees together for quite a while. It was great fun. I will look forward to see how this collection will develop in the future.

Bonsai in Chicago - 4

In Brian's garden Jim Doyle and I did a long extended tree inspiration (tree critique) with some hands on. Here som glimpses.

Bonsai in Chicago - 3

A workshop was held at Hidden Gardens.

Here some glimpses into the place and the workshop. It was a 'bring your own' workshop with interesting stuff.
Hidden Gardens has a very good supply of bonsai and material. They have a lot of interesting collected stuff.
Good news for the Mid-West: in 2015 Hidden Gardens will stock over 100 of outstanding collected trees in cooperation with Nature's Way Nursery starting around end of March 2015.