Tuesday, April 15, 2014

in M&A's garden again

By now I feel like coming home on the way to Castela near Split, Croatia to visit Marija and Andrija - here some glimpses into the garden. Marija paints the deadwood of a pistacia black. This is unheard of. Is it allowed at all? Well, as long as the whole world piants deadwood white we resrve the right to paint some of broadleaved trees black. The artistic aim of this painting, whether white or black ist to create sharp contrast between living and dead parts. Both serve the purpose.

Visit to Denis Sivac in Split, Croatia

Denis lives in Split, Croatia in Dalmatia. he is a keen collector of indigenus trees. Here some of his impressive oriental hornbeam wild olive, pistacia, phillyrea, field maple.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Woodstock VII day 5 repotting of another big maple

This other maple was also repotted. This one costs only 2,200 US$ and the third one 1,800. Quite cheap, I think.

Woodstock day 5 repotting of large maple

It was fun to orchestrate the repotting of this huge Japanese maple, Acer palmatum Kiohime. This tree is for sale like ALL the other trees shown. The tag says 3,000 US$ which I think is a steal.

Woodstock VII day 4

On day 4, Sunday, the repotting of large conifers continued. But inside also a lot of work was done on smaller trees and especially on the new deciduous trees.