Monday, April 28, 2008

EBA Convention 2008 in Vienna, th trees

These are not all trees that were there. I only show the ones of which I was able to make a decent shot. The super-hammer mugo pine is by Marc Noelanders and it won the overall grand prize.


Aaron Khalid said...

Wow... some stunning trees in there. Thanks for the uploads.

Márcio Meruje said...

Hi Walter,

Great photos and quite nice to see for the first time Portugal in the show and New Talent Contest !

The winner tree of Marc Noelanders is the tree of the demonstration of Kevin Wilson in Ginkgo Awards 2005?

Thanks for posting.

Best regards,

Walter Pall said...


Marc's tree is not the same that Kevin did last year.


Márcio Meruje said...

Hi again Walter,

I remember ginkgo 2005 , and not of last year, 2007.
When i see the photo of the pine at EBA and see this photo ( ) í said that is the same tree...


Walter Pall said...


may even be. Marc said that he had purchased the material in Italy. Who knows??