Saturday, January 6, 2007

Bonsai in the art gallery #2

As discussed in the AOB forum

it seems impossible to get acceptance for bonsai from the 'real' art world. They simply consider bonsai as kitsch or as inferior craft. Well, I accepted the challenge.The aim was to get into one of the clearly most renowned art galleries in the world. With bonsai eye to eye with the 'real' art world.

So what are really renowned art galleries? Well I found one in Munich, Germany. It is called Terminus Galerie.


This will load extremely slowly, but if you are really interested you should wait. They feature a few dozen names. I am certainly not an expert in contemporary art, but I took those names of their list that I have heard of:

Baselitz Georg, Chamberlain John, Felipe de Antonio, Jones Allen, Kiefer Anselm, Lichtenstein Roy, Polke Sigmar, Ramos Mel, Rauschenberg Robert, Richter Gerhard, Rosenquist James, Saint Phalle Niki, Stella Frank, Vaadia Boaz, Warhol Andy.

I love Warhol Andy - in that order. See the full list of their artists on their website. As I understand this is one of the leading places in the world. They sell stuff in the hundreds of thousdands and million range. This would do for a start, I thought.

A good friend of mine who had connections in the art world in Germany tried to get his bonsai into art galleries in Dusseldorf, Germany. They laughed at him and said 'then we might as well exhibit garden dwarfs'. One has to know that garden dwarfs are the epitiome of kitsch; at least in Germany.

So what did he do wrong? Maybe he was not shooting high enough?

On Monday and Tuesday September 4 and 5, 2006 eleven of my bonsai were exhibited among sculptures to be shown to a well selected group of international art connoisseurs.

Here some first glimpses.


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